Grain Direction

This week was busy, especially in my mind, (or should I say on the phone)!

I had an incredible amount of difficulty ordering a box of Moab Lasal Photo by Legion; I wanted to make sure I received the correct paper size and grain. As you know if you are folding paper, then it has to be in the correct grain direction or it’s a mess.

The book’s finished size will be 8.5 x 5.5”. With folds, I need 8.5 x 11” grain short paper for printing with a bleed or 11 x 17” with grain short with lots of white space. Larger size sheets have waste, but I could fold the paper with no breakage. On 13 x 19” with grain long I had the possibility of printing 2 up. The order appeared straightforward, once I figured how to use each size sheet depending on inventory.

I placed my order with a friendly customer service representative. Five days later, the package arrived with incorrect grain direction.

A phone call to IT Supplies elicited a fast apology and a re-order with my instructions on grain direction.

After another five days, the package arrived and my hopes faded when I realized the same paper was shipped. Back on the phone, I find out they had no grain long paper in stock!

I took matters into my own hands and called Moab papers. Seventy-six boxes of grain long were available at the New Jersey warehouse, I was told. Direct shipping from Moab adds $8 to $10 more. No thanks, I will try IT Supplies again!

I tried to explain my dilemma going back and forth with customer service. I need small-sized papers in grain short and larger sheets in grain long. But the smaller sheets were available in grain long and the large sheets were now being cut with grain short! Are you hearing the Twilight Zone theme song yet?

While I spoke with three other distributors, I heard the strangest ideas on how to go about getting the paper I needed. One guy even suggested I purchase several boxes in the hope that one of the packages shipped MIGHT BE with correct grain. Is the paper returnable, I asked. “Yes for a 10% restocking fee.” WHAT! No one in their right mind would do something so stupid. I hoped he never suggested such a solution to another customer!

I searched the internet for different possibilities in the Moab Lasal Photo paper. I discovered that Legion cuts 12 x 13” sheets, not a special order--I hoped. “What grain direction would you like this paper?” was the next interaction. I explained the process of producing books, paper, folding and grain direction.

Another 5 days.

Alleluia! I received my paper, it’s 12 x 13” GRAIN LONG!! Bookmakers know in the situation outlined above that the grain direction does not matter since I can print from either side. ^%$&%$#^%$!

© 2017 Louise Levergneux

© 2017 Louise Levergneux

ITSupplies dropped the shipping charges for my troubles (living in hope!). Innocence is bliss, I get what that means. I can start my book now.