Farewell Equinox

I studied the responses of emails to my inquiry about a donation to Special Collection Libraries. I finally made a decision and I’m delighted to announce that I found the perfect home for Equinox. Equinox will be part of the other 65,000 books housed in the Golda Meir Library. The library is part of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

After speaking with Max Yela, the Head of Special Collections, I relinquished all of my stress. I can now breath easy and able to let go of my project. The UWM Book Arts Collection endeavors to document and show the use of the book form as an art medium and has a world-wide reputation. With its active exhibitions, the Golda Meir Library will bring Equinox to the public and make them aware of my work.

The Golda Meir Library already holds 3 of my artists’ books: City Shields, Outside the Studio (AIR.10, copy #4), and 26NOV2006. 

The most important criteria on my list were that Equinox would find a home in a Canadian Collection. When that turned out negative because of budget restraints my thoughts went to other important criteria, the library receiving Equinox as a gift had 

  1. acquired my artists’ books in the past, and
  2. understood my work.

I present to you a video of each book of Equinox. My farewell to nine years of my life presented in a mundane, archival everyday journal.

© 2007 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2006-2007

© 2006 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2005-2006

© 2005 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2004-2005

© 2004 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2003-2004

© 2003 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2002-2003

© 2002 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2001-2002

© 2001 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 2000-2001

© 2000 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 1999-2000

© 1999 Louise Levergneux, Equinox 1998-1999