© 2018 Louise Levergneux, Gate Pass, Tucson, Arizona

© 2018 Louise Levergneux, Gate Pass, Tucson, Arizona

It’s been five months since our last blog entry. We have encountered many fascinating people and have had some challenges. Life continues in spite of being on the road. After twelve months of lifestyle changes, we are planning our following year of FAME, FORTUNE, AND ADVENTURE!

In December of 2017 as some of you may know I sprained an ankle in a Palm Oasis in California. We enjoyed ourselves, eating fresh palm dates and visited Palm Springs Midcentury homes and many cacti as my foot was healing!

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2018 started with a refreshing encounter with Cathy Greenblat http://www.cathygreenblat.com , an emeritus professor of sociology and excellent photographer. We finished January by observing the Sonoran Desert setting in Quartzite, just 879 feet above sea level by jeep with new companions Mary and Rex from RVillage https://www.rvillage.com


At the beginning of February, we visited with Dell and Ralf in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael plunged into a London, UK, conference trip stranding me with a swollen foot and a walking stick in Tucson, Arizona. At his return, we attended the famous Tucson Gem Show and the Art Festival in Tubac. Mid-February Michael was in pursuit of a massage therapist to help with the “foot” and our backs. Angel’s motto at Synergy Massage Works http://synergymassageworks.com is “walk in, float out”, very true indeed. Our putt-putt required an adjustment as much as our spines. Putt-putt exhibited symptoms of a delaminated floor. We visited the Santa Cruz Catholic Church, The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, the Sentinel Peak Park, and the San Xavier Mission as tourists do. 


In March we relished the opportunity to host Mark and Julie Bennet from RVLove https://rvlove.com for a wholesome meal and wine at the Pioneer RV Resort in Phoenix. For March break my dear friend Flavie from Ottawa, Ontario, joined us for a week-long vacation. Flavie wanted to tent in Sedona and around Phoenix, Arizona. This meant several phone calls to explore campsites that would accommodate both tents and RV’s. Starting in Sedona, we jumped into with a great Safari Jeep tour climbing the scenic beauty of the Mogollon Rim. Then we traveled to a KOA campground in Gila Bend, outside of Phoenix where we took advantage of the year-round sun and warm temperatures. 


March ended with a bang, starting with a delighted surprise with cacti blooming and then the KOA Campground inviting us to participate in a photo shoot for their magazine. We met Jeff Dow, http://www.jeffdow.com a “fun” photographer. “Fun” translates into striking pictures and a truly enjoyable shoot experience.

April started with another video request, RVLove was producing a 15-minute video on RV toilets and we joined in. The remainder of the month was consumed with Income tax forms and entries. Michael expended many hours in an extensive study of relevant IRS publications. As we learned, it’s a worthy thing to be informed on what your account presumably knows. By mid-April, it was time to go north and tend to said “foot”. We traveled through Camp Verde, Flagstaff, Lake Powell in Arizona; Kanab, Snow Canyon, Kanosh, to arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah, at life-long dear friends Linda and Marty. This was a phantasmagorical time filled with stories, love, and conversations. Ah! Definitely, lots of wine and laughs.

The days from mid-April to end of May were monopolized by chiropractors, X-rays, an MRI and a DXA Bone Density Scan. Afterward, the days filled up with appointments at the orthopedist and many sessions with the physiotherapist. I wobbled with a sturdy black boot with a big red dot. On relaxed days we visited our respective doctors, naturopath, dentist, and ophthalmologist. Finally a consultation with the optician. Six weeks later, we found ourselves spoiled by the comfort graciously given by Linda and Marty.

After ten months of travel, we commuted back to Boise, Idaho visiting my dear friend and Sheltie companion Dale. Dale resides five houses down from our home in Avimor. We had a lovely two days enjoyed each others company and reminiscing of times together. Oh! By the way, Dale prepares fantastic margaritas! We enjoyed loads of those!

While in Salt Lake City at the suggestion of Marty and months of research and questions we traded-in our Kia Sorento for a Ford 150, XLT. Dad would be proud, and my brother Denis is tickled to have twin Fords in the family. Next upgrade, a Max-S, T@B putt-putt to a Lance model 1995 travel trailer. 

Now, driving to Sugarcreek, Ohio, the obscure location of the home of the Nu-Camp manufacturer where they make T@B trailers. The company has committed to fixing our putt-putt floor under warranty. 

We will travel through Durango, Colorado; Aztec, Albuquerque and Tucumcari, New Mexico;