Boxed In

Feeling boxed in by the lack of sun and being in two different places at once. The distance between home and home seem further apart.

Searching the internet for inspiration, for a get-up and go, I stopped by Randi Parkhurst’s website. Randi is an artist of fine paper and book artist.

Paper—a simple medium, ubiquitous, mundane—we hardly notice it… but in the hands of Randi one embarks on an odyssey of discovery.

Explore Randi's studio in the Pacific Northwest and observe her at work. Listen as Randi describes her process, her inspiration, and her exceptional body of work at

View the artistry, the mystery, and the whimsy in Randi's meticulous, sculptural creation entitled PATIENCE: the Inception of Artist Books. Follow as some twenty self-contained handmade books, each smaller than the one before, open and reveal this exquisite piece.

Tansu Gothic, another wonderful piece took three months to draw the idea, one month to make a full-scale model, and eight months to build the final piece. Tansu Gothic features six boxes with pyramid lids and spires, eleven drawers, two compartments with piano-hinge doors. Inside these spaces are books about tansu cabinetry, a tiny abacus, stories and other tansu artifacts.

Let the rain form rainbows, journey to your studio, play with materials at hand and enjoy the week.